Our Team

Cynthia Kiefer

Cynthia Kiefer


Educational Director



Cynthia is a twenty-year plus teaching veteran with expertise in teaching writing, literature, and research to students of all ages. In addition to her passion for teaching, she is an American history buff, artifact aficionado, and historical fiction writer and researcher.

[expander_maker more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]Cynthia’s mother and aunts are ardent family genealogists, leading her to develop a life-long interest in all things family history-related. Cynthia’s military father, also passionate about American history, stopped the family car at every historical marker and museum along the road as their family traveled back and forth across the United States during her childhood. In these travels, no museum left a greater impression on Cynthia than the Smithsonian Museum of American History.

In addition to teaching full time, Cynthia is currently writing a historical novel. Not surprisingly, this novel concept began with a long-gone family member and his 120-year-old letters, but since then, a female protagonist has hijacked the story. Now, the novel tells the story of Vivian, a young woman who becomes caught up in Progressive Era politics and issues in Boston circa 1893 as she strives for independence.

Currently, Cynthia resides in Scottsdale, Arizona and is on the English Faculty at Scottsdale Community College.[/expander_maker]

Linda Wickham


Administrative Director



Linda is a retired CPA with a fondness for history, genealogy, and tramping through cemeteries to read gravestones. If she had it to do all over again, she might be an archivist or a social historian. Instead, to indulge her fascination with the past, she now writes historical fiction.

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A life-long avid reader, Linda read every gothic romance the library had to offer by the time she was ten. In her early teens she graduated to the “trashier” historical romances, conveniently looting the stash on her mother’s bedside table. Though these days she prefers the history in historical fiction, she still gravitates to hist fic with an element of romance. She believes a compelling romance can turn a good story into a page-turner.

Linda’s own novels are historical fiction with a strong romantic thread (romantic historical fiction). The first three were inspired by a potential ancestor, an 18th-century printer.  Finding his story intriguing, she’d pitched in to help her mother trace his lineage and quickly encountered the same “brick wall” her mother had. Switching focus, she dogged the young man’s footsteps instead, believing that if she could reconstruct his life, she could unearth his paper trail. She researched what life might have been like for a printer’s apprentice in 1780s Philadelphia: who his neighbors might have been, what his daily work load was like, what he might have done to pass the time, where and what he ate, and so forth.

While she came no closer to solving the riddle, she quickly became captivated by the man’s history and it no longer mattered. Tracing paper trails quickly gave way to creating her own stories, and she now writes historical novels under the pen name Linda Lee Graham. Some are even inspired by family lore.

Linda lives in Arizona with her husband and their three spaniels.